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Pratiksha Hospital over the years has been a center of excellence for patients all over India. It’s academically oriented and well trained staff, equipped with modern technology, prides itself on providing exceptional care, support and compassionate treatment options.
With more than 30-35 trainings per year, Pratiksha Hospital provides the participants with a unique and customized program which can be documented, upon completion of the course, in a certificate of excellence.
Structured Training Course:
At Pratiksha Hospital, we provide participants with courses customized specifically to their requirements. Below mentioned are the various courses available along with the course duration. Participants can apply for specific modules as per their requirements.
1. Course Name: Introduction to first Trimester anomaly scan 
 Course Duration: 1 Week
This course provides to the practitioners who are well versed and oriented with obstetrics scans, a focused approach to the first trimester anomaly scan. It is designed to introduce sonologists and obstetricians, the importance of this scan and thereby enhancing their skill and acumen pertaining to the techniques for level 1 scan as well as foetal medicine (Foetal Doppler, Screening for chromosomal abnormalities, biochemical markers and detailed analysis of specific foetal anomalies)
2. Course Name: Introduction to level II anomaly scan 
Course Duration: 1 Week
Candidates wishing to undertake this advanced course will be oriented to a systemic approach in diagnosis for Foetal anomalies in the level –II scan. It is aimed to build the foundation among Sonologists and Obstetricians in applying their skills in the field of Foetal medicine as well.
3. Course Name: Obstetrics Fortnight 
 Course Duration: 2 Weeks
This course provides a starting point for candidates who wish to concentrate on ultrasound diagnosis of foetal conditions.  A two week curriculum will aim to build the foundation in dedicated Obstetric Ultrasound including 3D/4D techniques. A systematic approach to the diagnosis of Foetal anomalies will be taught and the candidates will be oriented towards enhancing their clinical judgement.
4. Course Name: Advanced Obstetric ultrasound course 
Course Duration: 2 Weeks
This fortnight long course is for practitioners who are well versed with Obstetric scans and are well oriented to the technical skills of scanning. The aim of this course is to sharpen the skills in special techniques like Foetal Doppler, screening for chromosomal abnormalities with gestation specific ultrasound markers, detailed analysis of specific Foetal anomalies and 3D/4D applications.
5. Course Name: Complete course on General abdomen, obstetric and small parts ultrasound 
Course Duration: 2 Weeks
In this course, candidates will be oriented to the skills of General abdomen, small parts and Obstetrics Ultrasound.
6. FOGSI Certified course
This particular course is dedicated for Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for their extended orientation about Obstetric and Gynaecological ultrasound. In lieu they will receive a certificate from FOGSI. 
Ultrasound intervention techniques: 
**   During  the  course  of  these  trainings ,  candidates  will be exposed  to  interventional ultrasound  techniques -  Amniocentesis , therapeutic  amniocentesis and  amnio infusion , Cyst aspitation, Fine needle aspiration for cytology, Pleural and Ascites drainings, Embryo reduction, depending on the availability of cases. 
The training is provided by Dr. Partha Mohan, M.D., who has over 18 years of experience in the field of Radiology. He is a member of the Foetal Medicine Foundation of United Kingdom and has also been awarded AMA PRA category 1 credits. He headed the Radiology department at Downtown Hospital, Guwahati before joining Pratiksha Hospital as the HOD of the Radiology and Imaging Department.
The Department of Radiology at Pratiksha Hospital is equipped with the latest Mindray DC7 and GE Volusion-S6 USG machines which help us provide services like Abdominal and Small parts imaging, 4D ultrasound with Colour Doppler, Obstetrics Imaging, musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound etc.
Accommodation will be provided to the out-stationed trainees for the duration of the course at a nominal price.
How to Apply:
You can send to us at the email: training@pratikshahospitals.com
You may also contact Dr. Partha Mohan, M.D  at mobile number (+91) 9864030453
1." I had an amazing experience of ultrasound training under Dr. Partha Mohan, Consultant Radiologist, Pratiksha Hospital, Guwahati. I sincerely feel that I would not have had better training elsewhere. He imparted everything he could in a short period of time.  His knowledge and experience in obstetrics and abdominal ultrasound is superb. He has in-depth knowledge of  anomalous foetal development from day one till full term.  His knowledge of normal and anomalous foetal developments at all stages,  prepares him to predict outcome of conception.
His dealing with patients is extraordinary. He is very sensible person and understand patient emotion and phychology, and is able to alley fear and anxiety ( which is disturbing to the mind ) of a women carrying baby inside her womb.
I have learnt from Dr. Partha, the art and science of ultrasonography and about being a good human being besides being a Doctor.
Wishing Dr. Partha, long good health and great days ahead."
                                                                                                 DR. MARI BASAR, M.S. from ITANAGAR, ARUNACHAL PRADESH
2. " Pratiksha Hospital was highly recommended by friends and colleagues, and I am more than glad to have the choice of training here. I have greatly benefitted from the 2 weeks UGS course. I now feel quite confident about doing USG independently.
Our mentor, Dr. Partha Mohan, is very dedicated and also an excellent teacher. His enthusiasm and amiable demeanour made our forth night stay at Pratiksha Hospital very pleasant and exciting.
The course is complete, well structured and  up-to-date. It is one of the most useful courses I have ever done, and I would definitely recommend my colleagues to attend the USG course here "
                                                                                               -- DR. EMMANUEL YANTHEN (MD, GYNE)  from NAGALAND  
3. " Pratiksha Hospital is a very good institution for learning USG, especially O&G. The patient load is good and we got to see variety of cases in this 2 weeks course .
I now feel confident that I will be able to practice USG independently , although more practice and experience is needed. Dr. Partha Mohan is a very good teacher, and he clarifies all the doubts - be it a stupid one or completely illogical. I highly recommend this institution for USG training course, especially for gynaecologist "
                                                                                             -- DR. BENGIA CHIRCHI (MD, GYNE) from ARUNACHAL PRADESH
4. " The 2 weeks course on ultrasonography under the effective guidance of  Sir, Dr Partha Mohan at Pratiksha Hospital has been very effective and interactive.
The inflow patient inflow was commendable and I got to see a range of cases during my term. Sir, your dynamic approach kept the momentum going. The course covered all my expectations and more..I would love to recommend this course to beginners and also to advance sonographers who would like to boost their skills.
Thank you for delivering the training Sir. I would like to express my appreciation to you and your whole team for making the atmosphere so conducive for learning and also at the same time handling so many cases everyday with the never fading smile and gentleness "
                                                                                                                          -- DR. NAHID. FARZIN from  KARNATAKA  
5. "The course was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Partha Mohan, MD, Radio-diagnosis, Senior Consultant, Pratiksha Hospital. 
This is a practical oriented course, concise and very comprehensive. The course module is meticulously structured and planned. The abdominal and obstetric untrasonography was comprehensively taught and learnt by me.
After attending this course, I am confident to such a large extent that I am sure I will be able to start practicing USG gradually.
The environment is very academic with exposure of enough number of cases of different varieties. The hospital staffs are very cordial and co-operative. Dr. Partha Mohan is not only a good , experienced Radiologist, but also a very good , down to earth human being, soft spoken, having good relationship with the patients and staff. I also imbibed good sense humanity from him.
I am very thankful to everyone of Pratiksha Hospital for giving me the opportunity to learn ultrasound and I wish this course should continue so that lots and lots of young doctors be benefitted from it. "
                                                                                                                           -- DR. PRIYO KUMAR SINGH from  MANIPUR
6." I found Pratiksha Hospital very clean. The staff in the department of Radiology is very helpful during my stay in Pratiksha .
Dr. Partha Mohan, Senior Radiologist, is a very good human being and is one of the finest Radiologists I have come accross so far apart from being a very good teacher. Indeed, I have learnt a lot from him about Ultrasonography of whole abdomen, obstetrics and small parts."
                                                                                                                        -- DR. REJUM RONYA from ARUNACHAL PRADESH

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Pratiksha Hospital, Guwahati offers the highest standards in healthcare through a combination of cutting edge technology, a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated doctors with global education and experience, and super specialized clinicians. We bring to you 25 years of experience in treating thousands of happy patients across multiple hospitals and clinics in India

Pratiksha Hospital, Guwahati offers the highest standards in healthcare through a combination of cutting edge technology, a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated doctors with global education and experience, and super specialized clinicians. We bring to you 25 years of experience in treating thousands of happy patients across multiple hospitals and clinics in India... Read More  »

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